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Corporate Social Media Management

Everybody is online…especially companies.  How does your company rank when it comes to social media? A recent study, carried out by NetProgress, shows the top 50 orgs according to their online social media activity–is this a good thing? Are we too connected? Is social media just another form of advertising, or does it fill a […]

Social Media Marketing: three solutions to common problems

Fortune 500 companies know how incredibly powerful social media can be for brand awareness and customer/client acquisition, which is why they all maintain active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other, similar sites. Social media marketing is one way for companies to keep in touch with current clients and customers, plus it is one of […]


Social media management – like a boss!

Social media management is quickly becoming the means of interacting with customers and clients online. Years ago, this interaction happened in a physical location, at the proprietor’s business location; then, in the late 1990’s, people found that they could visit stores virtually. It wasn’t until the 2000’s that shopping online became mainstream. But now that almost […]


Social media and SEO…so what’s the big picture? SEO and Twitter, Facebook, Reddit? Look no further my friend! Behold! The power of infographics: Editor’s note: With apologies to Google+ which was not as big when this was created!  However, Google+ now boasts over 500 million registered users, with 235 million active in a given month…not […]