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Corporate Social Media Management

Everybody is online...especially companies.  How does your company rank when it comes to social media? A recent study, carried out by NetProgress, shows the top 50 orgs according to their online social media activity--is this a good thing?…
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Social Media Marketing: three solutions to common problems

Fortune 500 companies know how incredibly powerful social media can be for brand awareness and customer/client acquisition, which is why they all maintain active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other, similar sites. Social media…
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SEO and ROI infographic: a match made in heaven!

Many of our clients have heard that they should hire an SEO agency to help boost their website/brand/reputation online, but do not realize that SEO is not about making a site look better for the search engines. SEO is not website design; it…
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Social media management – like a boss!

Social media management is quickly becoming the means of interacting with customers and clients online. Years ago, this interaction happened in a physical location, at the proprietor's business location; then, in the late 1990's, people found…
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Social media and what's the big picture? SEO and Twitter, Facebook, Reddit? Look no further my friend! Behold! The power of infographics: Editor's note: With apologies to Google+ which was not as big when this was created!…