How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

singapore blog traffic

Getting traffic to your blog isn’t easy these days. There is a lot of competition in Singapore to grab reader’s attention on different search engines and media platforms. There are also a lot of blogs out there, and tons of people promoting their site on YouTube, social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram, and various other avenues of promotion, so the competition is fierce. So what can you do to stand out?

  1. The first thing you have to do is build a good blog. That means posting high quality content on a regular basis. Content is king, and it keeps the readers coming back. If there is sub-par content on your blog or website, then why would readers want to come back at all? You should also make sure spelling and grammar are on point as well. Before you hit ‘publish’ give your article a second read-through just to be sure it flows.
  2. Choosing a niche and writing about it well is also a very important part of blogging. It’s a bit like running a radio station…choose a format and stick with it. No radio station plays classical music, then hard rock, then country, then house music. They picked a genre of music and they only play that genre. If you don’t stick to a niche and tend to be all over the place then your fellow Singaporeans aren’t going to want to come back and read your site. Choosing a popular niche that will attract people is important as well, especially if you want to make any revenue from your blog.
  3. Using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube are all great channels to use when you start promoting your blog. Getting traffic to your blog will be much easier after you’ve built a following on these sites and other social networking sites like them. Building real followers comes naturally, so be prepared for weeks of hard work building up a following and giving them good content without asking for anything in return.
  4. Tools like Google Analytics are invaluable for tracking where your page views are coming from. Not only can it tell you where the bulk of your blog traffic is coming from, but it can provide info about who is reading…stuff like age, gender, location, etc. This kind of info can help you fine-tune your blog and website to the people who are actually reading it.
  5. Promoting your blog on websites that share the same topic will get you page views and more subscribers. This is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog. Commenting on other people’s blogs and articles similar to your niche can also get you blog traffic. It takes time to find them, but you should be spending time where your ideal reader hangs out online.
  6. Using good keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) will get you more blog traffic as well, and may be the single most effective way after Local Marketing to get traffic to your blog. There are many tools online to check your keyword density as well as your site’s SEO health and these will definitely increase your blog traffic.

In conclusion, getting traffic to your blog in Singapore is no easy task. People are busy and it is tricky to get their attention long enough for them to read an article you put together on your website. However, blog traffic comes with patience and hard work and determination. The biggest thing is to not give up, because if you quit, you won’t get any traffic at all. Follow these tips and watch your page views start flowing. A single, good article can go viral, and once you understand this, you will be will on your way getting the page views you are looking for.

-William Potter