Outsource your SEO like Gary Vee in 2020

gary vee singapore

Gary Vaynerchuk built his family’s wine retailing business from $300,000 in annual profits into a $60 million business in just 7 years. How did he do it? He understood the power of connecting with people online.

He began doing informal wine tasting videos on YouTube designed for people who felt intimidated by the culture surrounding wine. Instead of speaking about wine in technical terms, he explained how to taste, evaluate, appreciate, and enjoy wine.

He used the reach of the internet to bring his family’s business into the 21st century during a time when his competition was still stuck on marketing via glossy magazines and trade publications.

If you think search engine optimization or social media ‘doesn’t work’ because you tried it and didn’t have success, the problem is you or the person you hired, not SEO or social media. People who have a negative outlook on SEO and social media are like someone saying a basketball doesn’t work because they aren’t good at basketball. Friends, the basketball isn’t the problem.

There is no better way to reach your target audience in Singapore than by getting your business in front of the right people, so here’s how you do that:

Hire an online marketing company that…

1) understands your business – they grasp the benefits your product or service provides
2) understands your market – they can see who the right customers/clients are
3) understands your goals – they realize what your objectives are (selling more)
4) understands which channels to us – they know where your customers will find you and they focus on those channels. For instance, Instagram might be a great fit for a Jiu Jitsu studio, but probably not the best channel for a law firm or a manufacturer.

At the end of the day, Gary Vee was remarkably successful because he was aware that the purpose of online marketing is about educating people about a product/service and selling as much of that product/service as possible.

If you are serious about marketing your business online like Gary Vee, then talk to us…we get it.