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Why Hire A Dental SEO Company?

When new dental patients are what you want, hiring someone familiar with dentistry marketing can be useful in tying SEO to increased production.

By hiring a dental SEO expert who’s teachings are cited in the top marketing publications, you can be rest assured my SEO strategies stand up to peer-to-peer reviews.

Other SEO companies may work for less money, but their techniques are often secret to you, and sometimes not capable of withstanding the same standard of peer-to-peer review. This can place your website and SEO rankings in jeopardy, which can result in your website being banned from search engine results.

If you’re like many dentists I’ve talked to, you may be surprised to find that your SEO company is unable to identify what they actually did to boost your rankings.

The message on your website needs to do more than convey a cohesive message which attracts new patients. It needs to be recognized by Google as unique and helpful, and even cite-worthy. Over the years, I’ve noticed that many psychological factors influence a prospective patient’s decision on whether or not to pick up the phone and call you. Optimizing your website’s content for human beings (not just search engines) is a cardinal rule in doing SEO for dentists.

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Is Dental SEO Different From Regular SEO?

SEO for dentists and SEO for websites which are not dental related is essentially the same in theory, but different in practice.

One of the key differentiators for a dental SEO expert and a general SEO company is the niche-specific testing which has taken place. Knowing the psychology behind how and why people search for a dentist on Google can help craft the most effective SEO strategy for your dental practice.

For instance, let’s say we’ve noticed that many times the highest ranking websites have earned links from a particular blog. By making sure we address the general SEO factors, and then augmenting them with a variety of over 101 dental SEO factors, we’re much more able to secure victory when compared to a general SEO agency which doesn’t have the relationships with dental blogs.

By focusing entirely on what dental patients are looking for in a dentist website, we can create the most compelling content in order to get (and keep) you ranked! Simply put, being connected with the dental and SEO industries, we’re in optimal position to help you gain new patients from Google.

What Can SEO Do For My Dental Practice?

  • Boost your Online Presence — SEO can help direct new visitors to your website through the implementation of search terms, called keywords, that they are likely to search for when seeking dental help.
  • Optimize your Website — An important part of your SEO campaign is making your website more attractive and user-friendly; that way visitors are likely to stay for longer periods of time.
  • Improve your Website’s Authority — Websites that are seen as authoritative voices in a particular subject tend to show up first when people search for terms related to that subject. An SEO campaign can make your dental website one of the definitive voices in that area.
  • Drive New Patients to your Business — When all the previous changes have been implemented, your business will experience an upturn of patients looking for to partake of your dental business’ service.


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