Social media management – like a boss!

Internet Marketing

Social media management is quickly becoming the means of interacting with customers and clients online. Years ago, this interaction happened in a physical location, at the proprietor’s business location; then, in the late 1990’s, people found that they could visit stores virtually. It wasn’t until the 2000’s that shopping online became mainstream. But now that almost everyone seems to have a website, it is clear that companies need to make efforts to be proactive if they hope to gain and retain new customers.

Social media 101 Singapore

Not all businesses need social signals as much as others, restaurants, clubs and bars, where people socialize and check in and post photos are missing the boat if they aren’t social sensitive; steel manufacturers, on the other hand, may not get as much bang out of social media since their target audience might not be as interested in 140 character messages about steel. However, Facebook might be a good way to show their products, even if they just look like big rolls of steel to the rest of us.

The point is that we are always plugged-in, so are your clients and customers, and having strong social signals, keeping an open dialogue with those you’re trying to reach, is essential for building brand awareness and loyalty. Below, we share a graph of just how social the internet has become.

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